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We keep your food waste out of landfills, with zero dirt under your nails.

Fill your bucket with banana peels, apple cores, and the end of the onions. We pick it up from your doorstep, take it to be composted, and leave you with a fresh, clean bucket in its place, as often as every week. It's like planet-saving magic.

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The planet needs changed behavior, on a mass scale

More than 90% of food waste doesn't decompose properly, because in landfills, food scraps that are deep in piles of trash don't get the oxygen needed to decompose. So instead, through anaerobic decomposition, they release methane gas in the the environment; which is one of those greenhouse gases you hear about that's contributing to global warming.

How many of us just said "well, food is biodegradable" and thought that was enough?

Many of us did. Now we know better.

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Composting yourself is a process

Honestly, it's long, hard, and anything but fruitful. After months of waiting, your tiny composting bin gives you a handful or two of soil. But in the meantime, you've had to throw away all your other food scraps because it would have ruined the process in the bin.

Or, your smelly pile in the backyard is attracting bugs and animals you've never seen before, and your nosy neighbor just peered over the wall and is sending a complaint to the HOA.

Options have always been limited. 

Not anymore. 

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The Easiest Way To Do Your Part

Throw organic food scraps into your air-tight bucket

You get a text reminder to leave your bucket outside for pickup

We take your compostables and leave a fresh bucket at your door

Congratulations. You positively impacted 

the planet without breaking a sweat.

Your future grandchildren will thank you.

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Learn the simple, overlooked science that transformed me from someone who never cared about composting into a champion for the cause.

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