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Food Waste Compost


You learn something new everyday.

But it's not always planet-saving info.

Most people have never given composting a second thought. I don't blame them, because I hadn't either. I didn't garden, and even if I did, I would probably rather just buy a bag of soil than wait four months for old, smelly veggies to turn to dirt. I didn't have any reason to care about composting at all. That was, until I met Sydney.

Sydney didn't waste a second telling me or anyone else that she was vegan. Typical. That's why when I saw her instagram stories about composting, I honestly wrote it off at first. It must be a vegan thing, I thought. I had no idea that most of what I always believed about it was so wrong.

Sydney is on her way to becoming a doctor, and used words like "anaerobic" as she explained why composting is our only real shot at minimizing the unbelievable damage that food waste is causing to our environment.


I always thought food was biodegradable.. so won't it just decompose? Turns out, food needs oxygen to decompose properly. Being in huge piles in landfills, filled with toys and clothes and all kinds of other stuff, the 99% below the surface doesn't get the oxygen it needs. 

So it doesn't break down into nothingness, like I thought.

Not only that, but because of the lack of oxygen, food waste releases huge amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere, which most of us already know is very, very bad for the planet. And for us.

Sydney explained that food waste makes up about 1/3 of landfills.

A third. 33%. Millions of pounds per year. For almost no reason.

The only way to fight this is composting, she told me. But most young(er) people like me might not want to wait months for compost, or might not want to buy worms. Some might live in condos or apartments without backyards or gardens at all. What would motivate them to go through all the work it takes to compost yourself? Plus, some neighborhood HOA's won't even allow composting in your yard at all; so there goes that option for a large part of the city.

I believe that most people would do their part for the planet, if it's not too much of an inconvenience. I knew this, because, well, I would. I am an ideal client for this. I couldn't be bothered to learn about it, much less actually create a compost pile, make sure it's treated correctly, and wait for months on end for soil that I wouldn't even use. It just wasn't realistic. Even if I had understood how doomed our planet is if we don't do something.

And so, our composting adventure has begun, for others like me.

Fancy this: a recurring pickup service that helps busy people do the right thing for the planet, without any real work on their part.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Las Vegas Compost, and I hope you'll join us on this increasingly vital mission.

Yusuf Gallardo


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