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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is composting important?

Widespread composting is essentially the only way to combat the effects of millions of tons of food waste crowding our landfills and causing irreversible damage to the environment, like global warming.

Where are my compostables taken?

Our compost facility partner, Terra Firma Organics, is the only composting facility in the Las Vegas area. They have the same mission as us, and take great care in their process to help the environment.

See Terra Firma's website here.

What can I put into my bucket?

According to our compost facility, if it grows, it goes!

Things like fruit and vegetable scraps, grains, and bread go into the bucket.

Eggshells are fine. Coffee grounds are great.

Things not to put inside: meat, dairy, butter, oil, plastics, chemicals, etc.

Do I receive soil in return?

Most of our supporters' main concern is making sure their food scraps don't get thrown into landfills, and many don't request soil for different reasons.

For anyone who requests, we will deliver a bag of dark, mature, nutrient-rich soil from our composting facility twice a year; typically spring and fall. There is no charge for this. Request our bi-annual soil delivery by emailing with your name and address, and we'll confirm delivery details two weeks prior.

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